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Issues and Priorities


Raising Families in Buffalo, Not Minneapolis

The small town feel of Buffalo drew you here, and we're going to keep it that way. I'll support affordable single family homes and fewer sprawling apartment complexes like ALO. I won't mandate masks or vaccines - that's a personal medical choice. Police are safe with me - defunding them is against everything I stand for. I support people having the ability to keep and raise chickens.

From talking with citizens an issue of great importance for teenagers, families, and seniors is a community center to serve the needs of the town. I want to start saving and planning for one to be built.

Raising Families' Expectations, not Debts

Debt turns prosperity into poverty, and our city is in deep. With the city's debt at over $70 million, my firm commitment to you is that maintenance comes first, debt comes next, and everything else comes later. I want to emphasize paying down utility debt first to remove that cost from the rates. We'll look at expanding the tax base by attracting industry and commerce around the airport- an asset that other communities don't have.

When projects come up and there's no money in the budget, we'll wait until the next budget cycle. As part of the budgeting process, we'll start developing a savings plan for city infrastructure projects and prioritize getting our debt paid off.

Image by Kostiantyn Li

Raising Expectations Through Integrity and Transparency

Your city government is the best place to make your voice heard. We'll advertise our public meetings on social media platforms more thoroughly.

The city's website will show when money is transferred between departments and why. We'll have a page to show you how much debt is left, how it's being paid down, and when it'll be paid off. When projects are funded, we'll tell you exactly how much money is being sourced from local taxes, state/federal grants and loans, or other sources. We'll also make the financial reports in the city agenda easy to understand.

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